Select your Android Phone with Google’s Buying Guide

Select your Android Phone with Google’s Buying Guide

Type anything on Google and it will help in every aspect. Need a calculator? or just searching for today’s weather, Google’s intelligence helps you in every thing. And now, the search engine giant has initiated an unique process of selecting Android phones for buyers. With Google’s new page “Find an Android Phone for me,” you will be able to select the most suitable Android phone for yourself. It’s just another page that Google has added to its Android website in order to help buyers to select an Android smartphone for themselves. However, here’s a glitch! The selection tool of Google only helps in selecting the flagships from manufacturers like LG, Samsung, motorola, Nexus. So, don’t expect that you will find something for your tight budget.

Google is becoming you buying guide through which you could select the most appropriate smartphone for yourself. No, Google isn’t asking you to fill any form, rather you just need to select your few choices and you’re good to go. Do few clicks for what you like or what you want in your smartphone and Google’s buying guide will then come up with few selected smarphones for you. In short, you just need to answer 3 or few questions in order to tell Google your requirements. Search engine giant will then put few smartphones in front of you, pick the best which suits your budget and likes. Just below these selected smartphones, there is buy now button that will take you to popular e-commerce sites. You can also see the complete specifications of those selected smartphones and compare them with each other as well.

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Well, this is quite a good and an easy way to select Android phone. And, when Google itself becomes your buying guide then it’s really hard to say no. Also, it’s an easy way to select smartphones for those who don’t want to go into the depth of the smartphone’s reviews.

As you can see in the image, Google asks for you to select as many features as you’d like. There are 12 features listed. Basically, Google asks for only 3 main features from you in the beginning, however you can select as many as you want.

In the start, we selected Social media as our first priority. Next, Google asks for two more features. In this ongoing selection process, Google has been seen doing advertisements for its apps like maps, OK Google, Gmail and YouTube. Well, it’s the right time to pitch into the minds of first time buyers. Next, we chose Web browsing and maximum browsing time was set to 2 hours per day. Next we chose watching videos as one of our requirements. It then asked us for the maximum time we spend in watching videos. For this, we selected 2 hours a day and streamed videos through YouTube or other channel as our main priority.

Google asks for main features that you like to see in your smartphone, however after selecting three features we saw that you can also select more option if you would like to. But we ended up this process with just three main features. And, clicked on Show my phones, it then took us to select carrier. We chose the option Choose later and Google served us Nexus 6, HTC Desire EYE, and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as top match selection. It also served us few more options like S6, S6 Edge, LG G4 as other selected options (as we didn’t select the carrier).

You can also see the whole selection process.

You can save the selected smartphones from Google selection tool to you mail. And, also stat over the process.