Tips and Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning

Tips and Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning

A good and efficient cooling system is what we want in those hot and long summer months. Ducted air conditioning systems are able to deliver a climate control, which is discreet throughout your house. All that you need is the touch of the button. This is an efficient and quiet air conditioning system which can be easily installed in existing or new homes. The compressor unit which is external is fixed on the outside of the house, whilst the unit for the indoor is built under the flooring or even into the roof. Below mentioned are few tips to help give you a better understanding of your ducted air conditioning systems.

  • During the cooling period in summer, the condensation produced by the indoor unit is able to get drained via the main line for the condensate. In order to prevent the ceiling from damage, you will need to make sure that there is a ‘Safety Condensate Tray’ fitted to your system. In case you notice any dripping from the drain outlet it is an indication of the main drain being blocked. You will need to check with the dealer and get the servicing done.
  • Whenever the humidity rises you may find some condensation dripping, this is considered normal.
  • This system needs some time for efficient cooling and heating. You cannot expect instant results once you have put it on. You will need to remember that there is a heat builds up in the floors, walls, furniture and also in the build which takes some time to cool. The longer your home is heated the more energy this will consume to cool.
  • The expectations besides the settings of the temperature should not be on the higher side. It is advisable to have cooling point at around 25 degrees Celsius.
  • The conditions outside tend to affect the system and due to this, in extreme conditions the system tends to run continuously or frequently to maintain the temperatures.
  • The motorized controllers control the zones for which you need to give these around 5 minutes to open.
  • Once the system has been turned off, you will need to give around 5 minutes before re-starting this or else you might face the fuse being blow off or even the compressor failing.
  • The setting of the thermostat should not be moved to more than 2 degrees once the air conditioner is on as this may lead to the fuse and compressor problems.
  • Make sure to use one zone minimum.
  • Make sure the shrubs and trees around the unit outside are trimmed on a regular basis and the area is clean.

Performance of Ducted Air Conditioning

If you want to get the most efficient performance of this system, it is advisable to set a ‘climate’ with a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius on the lower side and a temperature of about 29 degrees Celsius on the higher side in peak summer. Though timers can be convenient, these can work out as a costly affair. Turning this system off and on can also work out expensive. Once you have set the temperatures as advised, you will find that the system will be on a ‘standby’ mode and consume power only when it reaches the set point.

When you are leaving, the house or even going to bed you can think of raising the temperatures to around 29 degrees which can offer a working temperature considered as ‘reasonable’. You can lower this temperature to around 25 degrees once you are home and sit back and enjoy the air conditioning. A timer is unaware of your delays and tends to cost unnecessary expenses.

Ducted air conditioning system provides you extreme climate control for your home and office. visit this link to get more information about air conditioning systems.