Tips for Creating Your Dream Kitchen in a Small Space

Tips for Creating Your Dream Kitchen in a Small Space

We all have our own dream image of a new kitchen, but when dealing with a small space we often need to cut back to the basics and make sure that our new kitchen won’t just look great but that it will function well too. Below are some tips for creating the kitchen of your dreams in a limited space.

Back to basics

Draw a scale plan of your kitchen and decide where to put your units and where you want your appliances to go. Always ensure that you leave enough room for doors to open, and make sure there is enough floor space to use your kitchen comfortably.

Make the most of what you have

There are many space saving ideas that are great for small kitchens. All available walls can potentially have cupboards hanging on them and corner units with a carousel inside can ensure that ever last inch of space is utilised and doesn’t go to waste. Choose smaller appliances that will fit under your counter tops and avoid large American style larder fridges or chest freezers that will simply take up all your space.


The colour you choose for your kitchen is entirely up to you. Remember, however, that a kitchen which is small or one that receives little natural light will always look bigger if you use light coloured cabinets and tiles.


The lighting in the kitchen can transform your room. Remove old-fashioned, long kitchen lights and replace them with stylish spots and under-cabinet lighting.

Appliances and accessories

Most kitchens will have a fridge or a fridge-freezer as well as a dishwasher and washing machine. Hide your appliances behind cabinet doors to provide a smooth finish to your kitchen, and even think about concealing your boiler behind a ventilated cabinet door too.

Lastly, choose an unusual kitchen sink and a magnificent cooker hob to really set the mood in your kitchen. Fitted kitchens in Sunderland experts, Kitchens by Prestige, can help you with your all-important choices.