Tips for Designing a Functional, Stylish Home Office

Tips for Designing a Functional, Stylish Home Office

Designing a home office can be a tricky task, because it is important to balance function and style. You want a room where you can work productively and efficiently, but you also want your office to coordinate well with the décor of the rest of your home. With these tips, your home office doesn’t have to be a colorless, boring workspace.

Organization & Location

A lot of home offices tend to feel like an oversized closet or cubicle, instead of a room that is well-decorated and well-placed in the home. However, if your home office is in an overly cramped or unappealing space in your home, you won’t be motivated to spend much time in it. Many home offices would be improved by having more windows, for the benefits of a nice view and natural light.

Home offices are still typically small, so it’s crucial to be smart about organization. Use floating shelves to save on space and minimize desk clutter. Also, make sure you position your desk close to outlets, so that wires from your computer, printer, and any other office electronics aren’t running all over the floor.


Before furnishing your home office, take some time to plan out what exactly your work-at-home habits will require in terms of furniture. Overbuying shelves or buying a desk that is too big or too small for your space and needs could make your home office a much less appealing work environment.

Also, including a nontraditional piece of furniture like a loveseat or recliner will add a relaxing element to your home office. Who says you have to go over documents or access your laptop in an office chair? Because you are creating this office in your home, you can design it in a more inviting and comfortable way than your work office. Still, you’ll likely spend hours in your office chair, so it’s wise not to sacrifice comfort and quality when it comes to a computer chair.


Don’t be afraid to decorate with bold colors just because your home office should be a productive space. Using brightly-colored paint or patterned wallpaper is energizing, and decorating with your favorite color will give the office a more home-y feel. On the other hand, using a calming carpet or wall color such as sage green or pale blue will help you focus in your home office. The bottom line is, just because the room is an office doesn’t mean you have to stick to an office-like color palette. Choose colors that you love and that you know will affect your mood in a positive way.

Your home office is your chance to add your personality to your workspace. With these helpful tips, you should have a room that is both fun and functional!